My Visit to Chester Part 1

Hi guys

So I’ve been planning a visit to Chester for some time now and I thought I’d record the whole journey start to finish.  I’d like to find out what activities and things I can do in Chester while I’m there and I found a good blog post about things to do in Chester at night which was reasonably helpful (check that out) and I’ll certainly consider some of things but I think perhaps I’m a little more interested in getting as much from my visit in the way of exploring the amazing history of the place so it will likely be mostly daytime activities I’ll be looking for – but those night time activities do look good! I’m going with Becky too so we’re keen to try out some of the local cuisine! There’s a website called Best Restaurants Chester and we found a good Italian restaurant Chester really does have a lot of choice (by the way if you ever visit Liverpool as I did last year I can totally recommend Villa Romano for the best Italian food ever!).

Anyway we quite like the look of La Fattoria so we’ll be booking our table when we go.

We plan to take a walk around the famous Deva city which was built by the Romans, there’s some great history in Chester and lots to do and see including walking the original Chester walls. The old shops called “the rows” still look like they haven’t been touch since they were built which is great to see.

We wanted to have a look at places to stay and would love to have been able to splash out on somewhere like The Grosvenor but it was just too much so I think we’ll probably end up in a B&B. Not sure at this point how long we’ll go for but it shouldn’t be more than a few days, it’s just a question of whether or not we go over a weekend because there are things like the Chester races that we could potentially go to, but I’m not the worlds best fan of horse racing, Becky kinda likes it but I’d rather be spending out time doing something else to be honest.

I didn’t realise how many different festivals take place in and around the Cheshire area including Chris Evans’ Car Fest which I’ve wanted to go to for ages now, I wonder if I can tie in the dates we visit Chester to go to Car Fest before or after we go, that would be pretty cool.

Anyway, I really want to write more about our plans but right now I’ve got to go to work so I’ll carry this post on when I return.

See you for now!





What You Should Know About Corporate Video Production in London.

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Video Production

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